Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

  1. I understand that Indianapolis Northside Lions Limited (INLL) is a private club created for the purpose of providing homeschooled boys and girls the opportunity to play competitive sports in a manner that brings honor and glory to God.

  2. I will not knowingly at any time undermine INLL or its purpose.

  3. I will do my best to support INLL and help to meet its practical needs whenever and in any way that I can.

  4. I will do my best to have my child at all practices and games on time, to ensure that they are respectful of the coaches, players, referees, and fans and that they will abide by and be subject to all player codes of conduct and dress. As a parent, I will set an example by also demonstrating respect for the coach’s decisions, other players, referees, and I will abide by the statement of cooperation.

  5. I understand that INLL coaches will try to give each player as much practice and game time as possible. As a competitive sports club, I also acknowledge that the coaches are tasked with devising game and practice strategies that will enable them to win. As such, they will utilize the players they believe will provide the best opportunity for success.

  6. I understand and accept that practices are a prerequisite to playing in games and that if my child does not attend practice their game time may be reduced.

  7. I will not use profanity, illegal drugs, tobacco products, or drink alcoholic beverages at any INLL function. I will refrain from using abusive language and gestures, toward any game official, coach, player, or fan. I will always be conscientious to conduct myself at all times in a proper manner.

  8. I understand INLL strongly encourages parents to travel with their players and to make away games part of the family experience. INLL also understands that there are times when parents, due to other family and work commitments cannot attend games.

  9. I understand that my child will not be allowed to practice with the team or receive their uniform until all paperwork has been completed and fees have been paid or payment arrangements have been made.

  10. I understand INLL is a “non-profit” organization. All money received by INLL is spent on the operation of the club. I understand that to enable the club to function at an affordable cost, every parent/family will be required to volunteer during the season in some manner. While team members and coaching staff are exempt from admission charges to games, other family members are subject to admissions at both home and away games.

  11. I understand that INLL, Castleview Church, and other facilities where INLL events are held have instituted COVID-19 safety precautions in an effort to keep players and spectators safe. I will respect and abide by all INLL and facility Covid-19 safety precautions. I will also make sure my child is aware of and abides by all INLL and facility Covid-19 safety precautions. I accept all risk as it pertains to participating in INLL events and assume all liability as well as hold INLL, Castleview Church, and other hosting facilities and entities harmless.

Player Code of Conduct

Your parents are your first authority under Jesus Christ. These guidelines do not replace your parents, but pertain to Indianapolis Northside Lions Limited (INLL) activities and the entire premises of the game or practices; that is the gym, parking lot, rides to and from games/practices, fundraisers, facility restrooms, locker rooms, stands, concession areas, sports banquets, and associated facilities. A player’s conduct at home and outside of the Lions events are also grounds for discipline by the club. Remember, you represent your family, your team, and above all, your Lord Jesus Christ.

The Standards of Conduct and Dress

  1. No disagreement with an official’s call by the use of verbal and/or non-verbal manners (throwing the ball, hitting or kicking anything, negative facial expression or gestures directed towards the official, etc…)

    • First infraction – player will be talked to by the coach.

    • Second and subsequent infractions – play time may be impacted until said behavior is under control.

    • If player does not take steps to correct – a player may be suspended one game at a time until behavior is resolved.

  2. Technical fouls

    • If a player gets a technical foul for conduct or sportsmanship during a game, he must come out of the game immediately.

    • Duration out of the game is at the coach’s discretion and should be appropriate for the nature of the technical foul.

    • If a player fouls out by getting two conduct technical fouls in a game, he is required to sit out for the next full game.

  3. No use of vulgar gestures or language.

    • If infraction is witnessed during the game – player will be immediately pulled from the game. If continued infractions occur – player will be suspended.

  4. No use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco (To include vape devices) at any time.

    • If a player is found to be using any of the above – player will be immediately suspended for a number of games to be determined by the board.

  5. No fighting or provoking another player to fight.

    • If this happens in a game – player will be immediately pulled from the game in addition to getting a one game suspension.

  6. No poor sportsmanship including, but not limited to:

    • Taunting or making fun of the opposing team, its cheerleaders, facilities, or your fellow teammates.

    • Not showing respect to pre-game prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem. All players must stand at attention during said events.

    • The refusal to shake an opponent’s hand, and removal of any game equipment while on the court.

      1. First infraction – player will be talked to by the coach

      2. Second and subsequent infractions – play time may be impacted until said behavior is under control.

      3. If player does not take steps to correct – a player may be suspended one game at a time until behavior is resolved.

  7. Disrespect is an infraction. Always show respect toward game officials, coaches, teammates, players and fans. Disrespect of others such as public officials, authority figures in businesses that we are visiting (i.e. restaurants, hotels), and officials of the host organizations for the games and tournaments is also considered an infraction.

    • First infraction – player will be talked to by the coach.

    • Second and subsequent infractions – play time may be impacted until said behavior is under control.

    • If player does not take steps to correct – a player may be suspended one game at a time until behavior is resolved.

    • Said player may be excused from the club and team.

  8. Out of respect, each player must notify one of his coaches if he will be late to or miss a practice and/or game.

    • Players must notify coaches 15 minutes prior to the start of practice if they will be late or not there.

    • Tardiness or absence due to events outside of our core values will result in playing time impacts for the next game.

    • If a player fails to come to practice for an entire week – they are ineligible to play in the next game. Exceptions are events affiliated with our core values or sickness. In these cases, the coach has discretion, but the player should not start the game.

  9. Social media guidelines

    • No players should use social media to disparage the club, their teammates, coaches, parents or other clubs. Any negativity on social media will result in immediate disciplinary steps.

    • First offense will be discussions from the coach and Lions board.

    • Subsequent offense will result in immediate suspension.

    • If player continues in this behavior they will be excused from the club.

  10. Clothing/appearance standards (arriving to and following games).

    • Game day attire- shooting shirts must be worn before and after playing.

    • Shoes, dress or sneakers, are preferred. Flip flops or Crocs are acceptable attire if the player wears his game socks with them. Regardless, footwear must be in good repair.

    • No jewelry “pierced” or otherwise, is to be worn during practices or games.

    • Uniforms must be worn as is. No modifications may be made to have the uniform look differently. E.G. no hiking up the shorts or rolling the waist line.

    • Basketball uniform shirt should be tucked in at all times.

    • Pants and uniform shorts worn at the waist.

    • Conservative hairstyle.

    • No facial hair or tattoos (if you already have a tattoo it must be covered).

Framework of Discipline

The following steps will be taken in addressing discipline problems in the sports club. Steps may be combined or skipped depending on the seriousness and persistence of the problems.

  1. Coaches or club leaders counsel and pray with the team member. Immediately, short term disciplinary action taken at the coach’s discretion. Reconciliation is to be made for inappropriate behavior before the evening ends.

  2. Coaches, board member(s), player and parent(s) have a conference.

  3. Disciplinary action (if needed) is taken in keeping with the seriousness of the offense. Suspension will be the major penalty used by the sports club. The second step will be probation and/or further suspension. Suspension time and length will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.

  4. Recommendation by the head coach or board members to the Lions Board for expulsion.

Our greatest desire for all INLL players is that they have fun and work hard as a team while bringing honor and glory to God as a result of their efforts. It is with that in mind that we have established these standards of behavior which will be strictly enforced.